Light output – lumen, lux and the candle

Imagine the following: the SI base unit of luminous intensity (read: light output) - candela - is based on the output from a candle. Not sure whether it is one of the big fat candles or rather a thin taper type candle. But candle types is not the main concern here... Obviously being an [...]

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How to measure light output – the question

The question seemed so simple... How to measure light output from an LED grow lamp? A lamp radiates energy, hopefully more visible light than anything else. For example not heat - compare: incandescent bulbs convert approximately 2.2%, at best 5%, of energy into light - - versus LEDs with an approximate efficiency of 30%. And [...]

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uSolaire 180 grow lamp comparison

What better way to understand how the uSolaire 180 performs than to do a head-to-head grow lamp comparison... So I enlisted the services of a 200 W CFL lamp (colour: 2700 K) that I have and the following is the result of this comparison. Power-wise it's a good match, meanwhile in regard to colour [...]

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uSolaire 180: LED grow lamp completed

As eluded to in a previous post, the next project on the books is an LED grow lamp. I've named it informally as the uSolaire 180... Why a grow lamp? Well: one might think an obvious - not necessarily legal, depending on where one lives - reason, but actually it's because my chili plants [...]

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