So the oven is now complete. Profile-wise it’s not exactly what is recommended per a solder paste datasheet, but as I’ve come to understand the specified profile is more complicated: time vs. money in manufacture, what’s actually required, etc. And results so far are pretty good! This is also evidenced by another, tougher board to get right – a metal core PCB – for which details will be provided in a following post. (I’m also not so keen to pull the cover off again, once a job is done it should stay done!)

Thus what did it cost? Here’s a break down of the parts and their costs (in €s):

Item Cost (€)
Moulinex OX444810 oven 84.99
ControLeo2 controller 75.00
Kapton tape 6.99
High temperature wire (10 m) 13.76
Non insulated spade connectors 11.30
500 W catridge heaters x 2 10.51
Fotek SSR-40 DA Solid State Relays x 3 26.70
OMRON 2A Solid State Relays x 1 3.34
Aluminium sheet 300 mm x 200 mm x 1.5 mm 6.40
Welding blanket 2 m x 1 m @ 600 °C 41.90
Reflect-a-Gold tape 61.50
Boom mat 47.64
Total 390.03

All in all a great result. While not inexpensive it is cheaper than other options. And much fun was had doing the build. 

Contact me if you’re interested or have any questions.