So on a lazy Saturday afternoon without anything else to do, and to complete the ‘build’, here is the reflow oven wiring diagram. (Update: it actually took a fair while longer to complete this than intended – work commitments and other projects crying for attention…). Without further ado.

Warning/Disclaimer: It should go without saying that this involves mains level voltages. The oven also draws a fair amount of current and it gets hot! Know what you’re doing, ensure everything is appropriately insulated, don’t poke around with it on, keep that second hand in your pocket, etc., etc. (It’s also not a bad idea to keep the first hand in the other pocket.) Absolutely no responsibility is assumed for your build and what you try at your end!

A PDF version of the diagram is available here: Wiring diagram – Reflow oven.pdf

Some points to note:

  • Ideally the switch would have been of a double pole variety, but unfortunately not. This given that the main oven switch could only be set up in a single pole configuration and thus it only interrupts the active line.
  • The Whizoo controller has a common positive for the control outputs.
  • Upon retrospect a fuse should have been added, or some other similar line protection device. I may add this in the future.

A final note: I always really liked that with old test equipment one also received the circuit diagram, typically glued on the inside of the enclosure. You know, just in case one had to fix something, or try and work out how the thing worked, or even(!) improve on the design. In this case I absolutely wouldn’t go sticking a print out of this diagram onto the inside of the oven’s outer cover – it gets hot enough that one would likely have an emergency on their hands…