Reflow oven: the oven has arrived!

The oven was delivered today, thanks to Amazon France. So which one did I get?

After much searching (and consideration) I decided on the Moulinex OX444810, being a model of the ‘optimo 19L’ series. This is the 19 L, 1380 W, convection version. Based on internet research something smaller would have been preferable, but a convection oven is also apparently preferable. Furthermore 19 L is about the smallest size of oven available here in France with a power rating of 1200-1500 W, not to mention that it is also about the smallest convection oven available…

So, some requisite imagery:

And what better way to prepare for the “conversion” than to pull it apart…

A note to self, and of course anyone else:

If the oven is on its back, then be careful when having the front door open… It will spring back without resistance because gravity is no longer holding it open (as it would be when the oven is the right way up). This ‘feature’ was tested when I was checking things out on the inside, inadvertently let go of the door and was “chocked” in the forehead…

The door spring mechanism has been designed to be gravity weighted, assuming the oven is up the right way, so be warned!

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