And so to a second board – this time with closer pitch parts…

This is an SRAM memory expansion board for the Arduino Mega, which I make available on this site, here: Arduino Mega SRAM expansion shield PCB. Also see Arduino SRAM expansion for more details.

The parts in question are:

  • 44 pin TSOP 2 memory IC
  • 20 pin TSSOP 20 octal D-type latch IC
  • 3.2 mm x 1.6 mm LEDs
  • 0805 capacitors and resistors

And the result? Again it looks fantastic!  

Now I haven’t tested it, so judgement will be reserved, but typically I hand solder these boards and have never had a problem once everything is soldered. Certainly the soldering has the look of something better than what I’m able to achieve by hand. (I’ll be the first to admit I’m not a professional technician/assembler, but I can solder, and yet looking at this board the difference is obvious.)

Unfortunately I screwed up in regard to capturing the temperature data, so no temperature profile for this board.  However the experience so far is that the runs are quite repeatable. So mental note to self: don’t stuff this part up next time! 

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