The Nixie Clock build is complete after all the design work… Quite a bit of soldering (avoiding the noxious fumes)… Producing the enclosure (it always takes longer)… And the software (which takes even longer), the final nixie clock build is finished! It ultimately came together quite nicely – here are some of the features:

  • WiFi enabled – the time is automatically synchronised
  • “Backlit” with RGB LEDs – really this should read “bottom-lit”
  • Backlight on/off
  • Display on/off
  • Date function
  • Countdown timer function
  • Alarm function
  • Configurable items:
    • 12/24 time display
    • DDMM / MMDD date display
    • Overall brightness
    • RGB control for each colour

Not too bad for just four nixie tubes and three buttons.

Here are some more photos for viewing pleasure:

And here is some further inspiration for other nixie clocks: