The parts arrived and so all good for a simple build – right? Ah… Not quite… Did someone say “Houston we have a problem?” That Murphy strikes at any opportunity!

All parts were correct for the layout except for the inductor. When originally laying out the board I simply used a part with corresponding footprint in the Sparkfun Eagle libraries, thinking ‘yeah, sure, I’ll create a new part with the correct footprint later’. And of course this was the one part that I forgot to check before sending the PCB off to manufacture!

Absolutely nothing against the Sparkfun Eagle libraries – they’re really, really good! My fault for not checking, and rechecking, and then rechecking again just to make sure of every part in the design. Of course this may have been caught if I’d ordered and received the parts first before sending the PCB design off, but that was not the case in this instance. C’est la vie.

Anyway, and as it turned out, it wasn’t the biggest problem in the world as I was able to implement a ‘dodgy brothers’ solution by:

  • turning the inductor on its side
  • soldering some wires between the inductor connectors and the pads
  • then gluing the inductor to the board with super glue

Lesson learnt for next time and I’ve already updated the PCB design – hoping there will be a next time – to use the correct inductor footprint!