Reflow oven: build basically complete…

Between now and "then" things have come along. The build of the oven is now basically complete, or at least the wiring is now all good, and the oven is operational! No boards have been soldered just yet - now waiting on a couple stencils to arrive, but close indeed... For the record here are [...]

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Reflow oven: the oven has arrived!

The oven was delivered today, thanks to Amazon France. So which one did I get? After much searching (and consideration) I decided on the Moulinex OX444810, being a model of the 'optimo 19L' series. This is the 19 L, 1380 W, convection version. Based on internet research something smaller would have been preferable, but [...]

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Reflow oven: the controller has arrived!

Barely had I finished the last post about the plan for a reflow oven and the ControLeo 2 controller arrived! (The US and French postal services must have really been on the ball this past week...) The kit comes with the following (as advertised): ControLeo2 with Reflow Wizard software pre-installed ABS enclosure with UL94-5VA [...]

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Programmable DC load

For a while now I've been thinking "wouldn't it be nice to have a programmable DC load"... Something in the order of 30-50 V and a couple of amps. It appears that one only has to think the thought and it becomes available! Look no further than the MightyWatt module from Kaktus -   [...]

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