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Colin is the chief designer at lagrangianpoint. His interests are in (too) many areas - to name a few: the Arduino platform, LED lighting, Software Defined Radio, statistics, trying to learn French, cooking and wine. Unfortunately lagrangianpoint isn't his day job just yet - but it's the plan. In the meantime he is Clinical Operations Manager for Cochlear EMEA. (Cochlear specialises in implantable hearing solutions for adults and children who are affected by deafness or hearing loss - check out www.cochlear.com)

Nixie Clock build – the final product

The Nixie Clock build is complete after all the design work... Quite a bit of soldering (avoiding the noxious fumes)... Producing the enclosure (it always takes longer)... And the software (which takes even longer), the final nixie clock build is finished! It ultimately came together quite nicely - here are some of the features: [...]

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WiFi biltong box – something different…

Another year is close to its end, with the Christmas and New Year / Festive Season upon us. As the post title suggests, something from a little left field: a WiFI biltong box! There are nonetheless electronic goodies involved - the box has a display, with a temperature and humidity sensor. The display has [...]

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Light output – lumen, lux and the candle

Imagine the following: the SI base unit of luminous intensity (read: light output) - candela - is based on the output from a candle. Not sure whether it is one of the big fat candles or rather a thin taper type candle. But candle types is not the main concern here... Obviously being an [...]

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How to measure light output – the question

The question seemed so simple... How to measure light output from an LED grow lamp? A lamp radiates energy, hopefully more visible light than anything else. For example not heat - compare: incandescent bulbs convert approximately 2.2%, at best 5%, of energy into light - en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Incandescent_light_bulb - versus LEDs with an approximate efficiency of 30%. And [...]

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uSolaire 180 grow lamp comparison

What better way to understand how the uSolaire 180 performs than to do a head-to-head grow lamp comparison... So I enlisted the services of a 200 W CFL lamp (colour: 2700 K) that I have and the following is the result of this comparison. Power-wise it's a good match, meanwhile in regard to colour [...]

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uSolaire 180: LED grow lamp completed

As eluded to in a previous post, the next project on the books is an LED grow lamp. I've named it informally as the uSolaire 180... Why a grow lamp? Well: one might think an obvious - not necessarily legal, depending on where one lives - reason, but actually it's because my chili plants [...]

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Reflow oven wiring diagram

So on a lazy Saturday afternoon without anything else to do, and to complete the 'build', here is the reflow oven wiring diagram. (Update: it actually took a fair while longer to complete this than intended - work commitments and other projects crying for attention...). Without further ado. Warning/Disclaimer: It should go without saying [...]

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Reflow oven: wrap-up

So the oven is now complete. Profile-wise it's not exactly what is recommended per a solder paste datasheet, but as I've come to understand the specified profile is more complicated: time vs. money in manufacture, what's actually required, etc. And results so far are pretty good! This is also evidenced by another, tougher board to [...]

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