Reflow oven: wrap-up

So the oven is now complete. Profile-wise it's not exactly what is recommended per a solder paste datasheet, but as I've come to understand the specified profile is more complicated: time vs. money in manufacture, what's actually required, etc. And results so far are pretty good! This is also evidenced by another, tougher board to [...]

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Reflow oven: real board 1

So the stencils for the (first) test boards arrived - yay! The stencils were from OSH Stencils and of the polyimide film type. I had no need to invest in stainless steel versions, and if the polyimide film works for test purposes then all the better! Solder was ChipQuick SMD291AX50T3 Sn63/Pb37 No-Clean T3 solder [...]

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