Reflow oven: Initial test runs

With the oven now ready to run, it's possible to do some test runs. Yay! Taking the cautious approach - mainly because the stencils haven't yet arrived - this is a first stage of the testing, i.e., simply a number of repeated reflow runs where the temperature is monitored per the thermocouple data from the [...]

By |2017-03-29T23:15:39+01:00Saturday, 25 March 2017|Builds|0 Comments

Reflow oven: build basically complete…

Between now and "then" things have come along. The build of the oven is now basically complete, or at least the wiring is now all good, and the oven is operational! No boards have been soldered just yet - now waiting on a couple stencils to arrive, but close indeed... For the record here are [...]

By |2017-03-27T18:18:56+01:00Saturday, 18 March 2017|Builds|0 Comments
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