xmem software library – Arduino Mega SRAM expansion

This xmem software library for the Arduino Mega SRAM expansion shield provides a simple C/C++ interface to access the additional memory provided by the shield. The library interface itself is quite simple, but still provides for powerful memory management of the additional 448 kB memory in one of two modes. Direct memory access or compiler [...]

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Arduino Eclipse IDE set-up – a how to guide…

The Arduino IDE is not really up to serious software development tasks, assuming one would like to employ good software development techniques: all source being controlled, an automated build system, etc. So here's a tutorial for an Arduino Eclipse IDE set-up with notes for compiling and running software, for the Arduino, with Eclipse, and [...]

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Bidirectional logic level shifting

Level shifting - changing the voltage of a signal from one circuit to suit the voltage of a second circuit - is not particularly new... Witness the very common MAX232 IC from Maxim, which provides unidirectional conversion of signal lines from true RS-232 voltages to TTL voltages. A similar requirement exists for interfacing 5 V logic [...]

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Arduino SRAM expansion

This Tech Note describes the Arduino Mega SRAM expansion shield kit (and PCB). The design for this shield comes from Andy Brown - andybrown.me.uk - where he has detailed all the relevant information. So, this Tech Note is not a full description, rather just the relevant links and additional information. (Refer to Andy's website for all the details!) Update [...]

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