Reflow oven: the oven has arrived!

The oven was delivered today, thanks to Amazon France. So which one did I get? After much searching (and consideration) I decided on the Moulinex OX444810, being a model of the 'optimo 19L' series. This is the 19 L, 1380 W, convection version. Based on internet research something smaller would have been preferable, but [...]

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Reflow oven: the controller has arrived!

Barely had I finished the last post about the plan for a reflow oven and the ControLeo 2 controller arrived! (The US and French postal services must have really been on the ball this past week...) The kit comes with the following (as advertised): ControLeo2 with Reflow Wizard software pre-installed ABS enclosure with UL94-5VA [...]

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Murphy strikes again…

The parts arrived and so all good for a simple build - right? Ah... Not quite... Did someone say "Houston we have a problem?" That Murphy strikes at any opportunity! All parts were correct for the layout except for the inductor. When originally laying out the board I simply used a part with corresponding [...]

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